Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I cannot find the family of John Reynolds that contains "my" Mary Reynolds! [He is named in dau. Mary's Death Certificate; and her maiden name is shown on son Edward's marriage certificate.]  I have checked federal censuses - naturally there are quite a few John Reynolds born Ireland residing NY City. Most, however, had wives also born Ireland; in fact, there is only one family that has a wife born New York - but they resided upstate New York [Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County].

It is a possibility...because family legend has it that Mary met her future husband, Kristian Danielsen, while both worked for a millionaire, either upstate NY or Long Island, NY.   However, Kristian's naturalization papers include (a) his 1894 application showing he resided Mount Vernon City, Westchester County, NY; (b) the final naturalization document dated 1897 stating Kristian resided Westchester, NY; and (c) the statement by a man who resided "Westchester, NY City" who'd known Kristian since 1891. [The implication to me being that Kristian had resided Westchester since 1891.]

So how does the "upstate NY" Reynolds family mesh with Kristian residing Mount Vernon, Westchester, NY; with his marriage around 1898 [not located in NY City records so far], and the birth of his children in the Bronx, NY, beginning with their first child b. 1899? Did Mary's family move to the city? Did Kristian and Mary meet while employed upstate NY, then move to NY City together?
Note: Kristian and his family resided in the Bronx all of his married life; he had a butcher shop there and both he and his wife died in the Bronx.

Note: part of the Bronx started out as part of Westchester County. It is possible he always resided NY City, in which case I would think it likely Mary Reynolds did as well.

I will post census extracts and some family photos in the hope that (a) someone can either identify the right family or eliminate one from my search; and (b) that someone might recognize someone in the photos.