Thursday, November 20, 2014


More news on the Reynolds family.  Familysearch has marriage records for the children of Edward & Mary [Dolan] Reynolds.  Lo and behold, I found an entry for a previously-unknown daughter, Anna M. Reynolds who married a William Sullivan!! She was born about 1885, thus did not show up in the 1880 census.  I also found Edward & Mary Reynolds in the 1900 census - living at home was the "new" daughter Anna, plus a son James who appears to have the same year of birth as son Joseph from the 1880 census.  [Don't know yet if the 2 boys are one and the same.]  However, the 1900 census also indicated Edward & Mary had had 8 children, only 4 still living.  How sad!  Still living were daughter Mary [married to Kristian Danielsen]; the 2 children still at home [Anna & James]; and one more.  Looking at the childrens' marriage records, son Edward married in 1895; Patrick married 1904; and Anna married 1906.  Thus son Edward must have died between 1895 when he married, and 1900 when the federal census was taken.

I did follow Anna [Reynolds] & William Sullivan through the 1930 census; they had a son William [b. about 1910] and a daughter Mary [b. about 1908].  My father was born 1922, so these cousins [actually niece/nephew of his paternal grandmother] were 12 and 14 yrs older than he.  

I also followed the Reynolds son Patrick & his wife Margaret through 1930; they had 4 children. Still more checking to do on that family.

All in all...a great find!