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Thanks to, I have an extract of the marriage certificate of Kristian Danielsen and Mary E. Reynolds, listing her parents' names.  [The marriage date does match the index entry I'd found online some time ago: 30 Oct 1898, Bronx NY.]  Mary's father was NOT John Reynolds [per her death certificate] - it was Edward Reynolds.  Her mother's name was Mary Dolan [or Dulan], daughter of Patrick and Mary Dolan [Dulan].  Thus Mary Reynolds Danielsen named her second son, Edward, for her father.

I've found a few census entries for these families.  Patrick Dolan emigrated from Ireland between 1840-1845, and resided Westchester, New York from at least 1850 through 1870.  He and his wife Mary had 3 daughters, the older two born Ireland, the youngest, Mary Dolan, born New York.  His occupation was always listed as "laborer" in the federal censuses, but he also showed assets of $1000 to $1500.  He died probably between 1870-1880.  

Patrick's daughter Mary Dolan married Edward Reynolds about 1868-1870; they lived with her father [who was probably widowed] in Westchester as of the 1870 census.  Edward Reynolds was born in Ireland; nothing has been found on his family or immigration as of yet.  At 1880 he and Mary had 3 sons [another son having died young] and a daughter, Mary Reynolds who would grow up to marry Kristian Danielsen.  Cannot locate Edward Reynolds or his wife Mary in the 1900 census; they may have been deceased by then.  [I have found possible entries for two of their sons in 1900.]

This also answers the question as to where Mary Reynolds and Kristian Danielsen met:  he worked in Westchester as a waiter as of the early 1890's, and she was born and raised in Westchester.  Their 1898 marriage took place in the Bronx although a 1903 City directory showed their residence still in Westchester.  It's possible the nearest courthouse was in the Bronx.

Again - thank you !

P.S.  The Sullivan connection remains up in the air, as Mary Reynolds had no sisters!

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